Whitney Peyton – Firecracker Pyro Edition


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The much anticipated rerelease/remix/rock/new music cd from Whitney Peyton. This disc literally has something for everyone with 21 tracks that showcase her musical flexibility!!!

Track Listing

1. Automatic
2. Don’t Lie to Me (ft. Matt Good)
3. I Hate My Roommate (ft. Zack Hansen and Ileigha Kohoutek)
4. Outer Space (ft. Matt Good)
5. Daps
6. That’s On You
7. Through The Wall
8. Burden (ft. Hard Target and Ileigha Kohoutek
9. Oh No (ft. Odd Squad Family)
10. Karma
11. Riot (rock version ft. Zack Hansen)
12. Woopty Woo Woo (rock version)
13. Sorry That I’m Not Sorry (rock version ft. Alexia Rodriguez)
14. Crazy (rock version)
15. Better (rock version ft. Alexia Rodriguez)
16. It’s All Good (rock version ft. Erik Jensen)
17. Dead Again w/ Dead Rabbitts
18. One Hundred w/ Caroline Burt
19. Rumors w/ Whiteout, The Jokerr and Cryptic Wisdom
20. YoYo MoFo
21. You Are

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