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Booking PJ

It’s been a minute since I have been able to get on here… Lot’s of things have changed… I retired from the touring circuit after a decade of service… As we transition we have tons of cool items and services to offer… First off, I am available for limited appearances and gigs via the Booksy App. It is the exclusive way to retain my services from this day forward… I will be updating my availability as well as adding services on a regular basis. Visit to download the app and browse my bookings…

Nothing is changing with or any of our products, consignments etc.

Much more to come, but I wanted to fill you guys in on some of the happenings… Fun times are ahead!!!

Joe Louis Gets RAW 1 Last Time!!!

Thats right, The final edition of WWE RAW at The Joe in Detroit takes place this Monday!! And we are celebrating by plastering the surrounding areas of the event with Twiztid 420 promo!!! Wanna help us out? Shoot an email to to link up and make sure that #RAWGETSTWIZTID!!!

Catch me on The Warpath!!!

Thursday March 9th 2017 catch your boy PeeJ on the only podcast he’s welcome on… The Warpath with Anybody Killa… For more info visit Psychopathic Radio… 8-10p est.

Also don’t forget to grab your tickets for the first ever Hatchet Warrior Show from us over at