Ruthless Aggression Promotions has been in the music and entertainment industry since 2004. In that time, we have learned first hand, the do and don”ts simply from seeing what works and what does not. From local street promotions to the national level, we have mastered it all.

2004 – We were the behind the scenes masterminds in the Dramadeus project and shortly thereafter, tookover day to day operations for Repentagain Records. R.A.P. was responsible for all promotional activities, booking of shows and appearances, album pressings and releases, and even booking entire concerts and handling all ticketing responsibilities for all of the hired talent.

2005 – As we continued to grow Repentagain Records, we never forgot that at heart we were still R.A.P. and we also set out to grow the  label… Adding Twofold Horror, The Uzual Suspect & Talent to the official roster was among the many goals we reached that year. We also unleashed a total of 4 releases including a label sampler, Dramadeus and the Enigma, The Uzual Suspect EP & the rerelease of Twofold Horror”s classic “This Is Reel Life”.

2006 – Repentagain Records flourished up until June as both Dramadeus and R.A.P. mutually parted ways to persue other interests. We did manage to release 1 album from Dramadeus entitled “Cross My Art And Hope To Die” which was a prelude to the direction he was intending to go. As the old phrase went, the show must go on, and it did as we teamed up with some of the undergrounds brightest stars for the remainder of 2006. Ajax, PHP, Oushaboo Records & OS7 were just a few of the names we worked exclusively with.

2007 – Still keeping as busy as possible, we rekindled our relationship with Talent who after being signed for a year and a half, never saw the release of his highly anticipated debut album. We focused exclusively on working on the album, and getting Talent on as many shows as possible to keep his name and image fresh in the minds of the hip hop community. June saw R.A.P. teaming up with long time homies and business colleagues George V and Ajax as we embarked on our first nationwide tour with ABK. It was an eye opener to say the least and changed everyones goals from local to national. August saw the release of Talent – The Mark Of Teono Wilson and is to this date, our most successful and profitable release.

2008 – Early in the year, we were hired by Native World Inc. to handle their touring merchandising  and on “The Wake Tour”, brought along our former client Cellar Mannequin (formally Dramadeus) along on tour where he got to reap some of the experience of the national scene.

2009 – Continuing with Native World Inc., we quickly moved up the ranks from merch to stage and eventually became ABK”s tour manager late in the year. We rocked every show and national tour throughout the year and continued soaking in all of the knowledge. We also officially were working the Gathering of the Juggalos beginning this year with NWI and Psychopathic Records.

2010 – Still on the national scene, we continued to work with NWI and ABK and added in the homies Axe Murder Boyz to the resume`. Touring nonstop we also began booking for ABK for his April Fools Foolin Tour.

2011 – As our services were more and more in demand, we started being dragged in many different directions. Working JCW events, working security, booking shows and tours, chauffeur for B$R premiere party, we also got the call to work a few shows with Boondox. Of course we didnt slow down with the touring either.

2012 – We worked closely with ABK exclusively up until ICP”s MDP release party right after the gathering in the late summer. October saw a return of a familiar face, George V reached out to see if we would work 4 dates for Psychopathic & Twiztid on their Fright Fest 2012 Tour.  We were also brought on board for NYE 5.

2013 – As our success continued were we able to go into the music and entertainment business full time, Touring with Twiztid for their second and third legs of The Abominationz Tour which also included 2 weeks in Canada. We were also brought aboard to work at Twiztid Shop.

2014 – Taking a step back from merchandising with Twiztid, we hopped on the April ABK tour as official tour driver. We also worked along side the Detroit Twiztid street team doing promotional campaigns. We also added a new service to our resume` with Twiztid as we were hired to drive as well as load/unload the box truck on tour.

2015 – More Touring with ABK and Twiztid throughout the year, as well as Boondox & Blaze, brough us to possibly our most productive and most successful years in the business. Working as Talent handlers at conventions was definitely a highlight as we learned a whole other aspect of  the business.

2016 – With focus returning to where it all started, promo, we worked with Whitney Peyton to promote her album Firecracker, which we did nationwide on two separate national tours. We toured with Blaze, Lex,  Boondox, Twiztid, ABK, Prozak and worked festivals with Critical Bill, GOTJ with MNE. We also offered our printing services publicly for the first time which was a huge milestone for the company. Twiztmas 3, Big Ballas & NYE 9 closed out the year.

2017 – Stay tuned…